Although I dabbled in photography, my original passion was making music. Piano concerts as a child, punk rock shows in high school, alternative rock in college, to performing regularly in Hawaii as an acoustic harmony duo. I’ve always enjoyed composing my own music, and I continue to do so today. I believe that an understanding of music helped me transition into the world of photography. 


      I received a bachelors degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from California State University Fresno. I took photojournalism courses, and for the first time had the opportunity to develop and process film in a dark room. From start to finish, its a process I very much admire. 


      I then went to earn a teaching credential from the state of California. After completion, I discovered I wanted nothing to do with the career, and moved to the island of Kauai to pursue my passion of song-writing, and learned to enjoy the world as it is. 


      On Kauai, my interest in photography was reignited by the lush landscape of the island, and a part-time job working as a sales associate in a photography gallery. Unlike my previous experience, modern photography was digital, and had the ability to process on the computer, which opened up a new world of possibilities.   


      I began working professionally as a photographer for an agency at the St. Regis Hotel. As a beginner, it was a great way to practice and improve my skills as there was a constant stream of business to draw from. After a couple of years I knew that it was time to move on. I started Bryan Geiger Photography and focused on wedding photography, securing my own clients, and working in partnership with agencies and hotels in the islands. 


     Other than a trip to Egypt and Iceland, I’d argue that my international travels began when I met a nice girl from Slovakia, who is now my wife. After two weeks of knowing each other, I accepted an invite to meet her in Europe. I took my camera with me, and began specializing in travel photography. 


    For the next two years we visited some of the most beautiful destinations, luxurious hotels and restaurants in the world. Together, we contributed to a Food and Wine magazine based out of Slovakia. She wrote the articles, and I snapped the photos. Again, I was given the opportunity to fast-track my skills and progress as a photographer. I began to print and sell my art work to be displayed. 


    A surprise pregnancy, and we quickly realized that it was time to begin a new chapter in our lives. We had a baby girl, and for two years we tried to live between Slovakia and Hawaii. When our second baby arrived, we realized it was time to pick one location and stay for a while. We chose neither. As of November 2019, we landed in Gardnerville, near my family and Lake Tahoe. After 10 years, I’m excited to be back on the mainland, offering my experience and art to a whole new clientele. 


I look forward to working with you. 


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