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about bryan

I appreciate that photography has a balance of the technical and intuitive mind. A photographer needs to predict how an event will unfold, and then be patient and present to recognize the best time for action. I am practiced in many different genres, which gives me the tools and experience for what ever situation arises. Head over to the contact page if you'd like to work together, have your event captured, or if you're interested in having one of my images printed.

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A bit more of my story...


     I was born with a heart condition and at fifteen years old I had open- heart surgery. Growing up, I did not participate much in athletics. Instead, I found myself drawn to music and photography. I’d learned the basics of loading film and composition from my Dad, but it wasn't until later in college that my knowledge was furthered. I earned a bachelors in Mass Communication and Journalism, during which time photojournalism courses taught me the basics of black-and-white film processing in a dark room.

      While I enjoyed photography, music took priority, and for twenty years I wrote my own songs and worked with audio engineering. That time spent dedicated to music laid the groundwork in becoming the photographer that I am today. It nurtured my attention to detail and appreciation of subtlety. As much as I think I already know, I find myself continually learning subtle nuances that give art depth. I aim to create meaningful work inspired from my own drive, instead of mimicking someone else's.  

     Over the last 7 years, I've spent a lot of time traveling and practicing my craft. My work has been featured in Landscape Photography Magazine, National Geographic Your Shot, Taste & Enjoy, Emma Magazine, and Atrium. I have some exciting projects I'm working on that I can't wait to share. For the moment, I hope you enjoy browsing my portfolio of work here on my website. 

Thanks for reading about me.